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Features: 1. Clear paragraph sense and easy to operate 2. IP67 waterproof sealed structure 3. Ultra-small toggle switch Applications: 1. PLC, GPS, automotive electronics 2. Small instrument testing equipment, medical equipment 3. Network communication equipment

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Keyword: YVD02


Appearance: The shape of the upper cap edge and the seat cover are tightly integrated, creating a beautiful and exquisite appearance; Structure: The only rolling friction structure is adopted, which is novel and unique. It is more smooth during operation, lighter and more comfortable. The eight balls and the guide groove are precisely matched, as stable as Mount Tai; Ball bearings: Different ball bearings, freely matched, versatile gameplay, experience different feelings, and have endless fun; Sound: The sound is light, crisp, and pure. The axis has two types of bottom touching sound structures: flat (high) and round (low)

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