What are the characteristics of mini switch

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  mini switchIt refers to a device that is relatively small in size and can be switched with a light touch. Gently press the button to turn it on, and it will turn off immediately as soon as you release the switch. The interior is closed by the elastic force of the metal, which will feel slightly. Can be applied to digital products, remote control products, finished appliances, etc. And in the field of fitness equipment, medical equipment, money detector is also quite common.

It is precisely because the mini switch is widely used and has the characteristics of small and exquisite contact sensitivity, so the future application will be more and more extensive. The switch function can also be realized by sound or mute, and some directly realize the purpose of detecting the switch, that is, by sensing the slight mechanical action of the object, it is sent to its IoT device through a specific signal, so as to achieve the purpose of system instructions and quickly perform related tasks. This mini switch is generally used in alarm devices, car CDs, smart homes and cameras.

The mini switch is a small switch, but you can turn on or off the power by pressing the switch lightly. There are many kinds of mini switches, detection switches, mouse switches, and waterproof switches are all types of mini switches. so how to choose the switch?

The switch can be selected according to the current demand. For example, the current demand in the circuit is not large, and the current is required to be 50mA and 12V. The mini switch can be selected. If the demand for current is slightly larger, the current is 100mA and the voltage is 30V, the detection switch can be selected. If the demand for current is large, when the voltage of 1A is 125V V, you can choose a mini switch, or you can choose according to the function of the circuit. For example, if the whole circuit is required to be turned off normally, some characteristic switches can be selected in the mini switch to meet the relevant requirements. If you want to boot normally, most switches can meet this demand. In the production process, the touch switch is applied to the circuit, mainly to meet the dust-proof requirements, but it can also meet the characteristic requirements, such as waterproof function. According to needs, can be specialized in the production of a batch of anti-hair function of the switch. Switches are used in production and various household appliances, which are in great demand. At present, the mini switch industry is still in the development stage, and there are certain prospects and relatively high profits in the market.